What To Research Before Purchasing Custom Graphic T-Shirts

The clothes a person wears are one of the main elements of a first impression, which is why many people choose to wear designer graphic t-shirts that reflect their personality or decide to create custom designs. Not only does it allow a person to look their best, but many companies offer graphic t-shirts at a steep discount, especially when purchased in bulk. Before buying a new shirt, be sure to research the following to ensure any money spent is on quality made clothing that will last.

T-Shirt Material

It may not seem like an important consideration, but the material that a shirt is made from is a big determining factor when selecting a size. If a shirt is made from 100% cotton, then it is usually a good idea to choose a size larger than is typically needed. If the material is preshrunk, then it is best to get the standard size a person wears, as it should not experience any additional shrinkage after being laundered.

Printing Quality

There is nothing more frustrating than to purchase a shirt and have the text and images on it wear away after just one wash. Be sure a company uses premium fabric based printing methods, which will stand up to washing and drying without fading or peeling. This will ensure that a shirt will be ready to wear again and again and become a staple item in a person’s closet.

Discount Programs

Buying t-shirts can be expensive, but many companies offer special incentives to those who subscribe to their electronic newsletters or for making bulk purchases. Rather than ordering just one shirt, consider browsing and take advantage of as much as 50% off the list price by ordering 10 or more at one time. This allows a person fill a closet with clothing options, and they also make great gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

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