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The ways that you can introduce your dog to his dog crate.

Dog crates are actually very useful, sometimes it can also be your life saving tool in cases of emergency. If you have acquired a puppy or an adult dog, it means that you recently have acquired a new family member and that process can take quite a time of adjustment and the learning of the rules of your household is already starting. One of the main things that is important in acquiring a new family member is you being consistnent. Consistency is a prime factor here, be consistent always around your dogs with your choices of movement, gestures and words and also repeat all of the same things over and over again around them or in front of them so that in the end they would be familiar with what those gestures, movement and words mean. The key to winning the opinion of a new family member is your patience. Never lose your patience with your dog since this can take you a few steps back in getting them to be trained and to follow your commands. It is important to keep in your heads that if you stay calm then the your dog will also stay calm which in turn will actually create a good bond of confidence and trust between the two of you.

Last but not the least is the personality of the dog which is also an important factor. Dogs have different learning processes and this can affect their ways of learning how to get used to dog crates. Ways you can show your dog off to his new dog crate. You can begin with the training process by bringing the dog crate to the room that you always spending time in. It is best to put a soft blanket inside, sit down beside the crate and propping the dog crate door to open with your body so that it won’t swing and scare your dog. After all the introduction of the dog crate to your dog and he or she starts getting out on his or her own then you should start feeding her inside. Now we are off to lengthening the time that your dog puts in his dog crate. Once he is already starting to eat his meals inside then you can start lengthening his stay inside the dog crate through putting him inside and staying there for quite a while and leaving for a period of time and come back and open it up if he is quiet and if he is not then don’t open it until he’s quiet.

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